Gamification refers to the integration of game elements and mechanics in e-learning. Learning follows a game-like scenario reflecting the training curriculum and the objectives of the training. For disadvantaged learners, gamification stands to have especially positive impact in terms of motivation, engagement and behavioural change.

Promotes friendly competition and increases motivation earning

Allows the learner to freely fail and make mistakes, which reduces anxiety

Improves the learning experience
(having fun while learning)

We aim to create an effective e-learning training program that will help prepare disadvantaged VET learners in tourism and hospitality for the challenges of learning mobilities. This will be achieved by developing the program as a “gamified learning path” – it will feature:

  • e-learning content in non-conventional form – multimedia sources, short accessible texts, etc.
  • gamified interactive training and assessment

The training will be available in 5 European languages. It will suitable for a variety of learners and purposes. It can be used by virtually any VET provider without any effort (directly).

The program will be hosted on the cloud-based Coursevo platform maintained by TUC ( It will be accessible both as a training program for an individual learner and as a group training course (led by a teacher).