GameIT Project

We believe that effective preparation of disadvantaged VET learners for participation in mobilities can increase their motivation and self-confidence to actually engage in mobilities.

Thematic Focus

The specific project activities concern VET in the field of tourism and hospitality.

Gamification refers to the integration of game elements and mechanics in e-learning. Gamified learning has a number of advantages. It can have the following benefits:

  • active learning
  • increases motivation and engagement
  • allows the learner to experiment and fail without negative consequences
  • allows for micro-learning in the case of short attention spans
  • facilitates instructional scaffolding to reflect each individual learner’s needs
  • is appealing to the new generation of ‘digital natives’

Main Activities and Outputs

IVET and CVET mobility preparation training curricula for disadvantaged learners

Gamified mobility preparation e-learning training program

Educators’ toolkit on facilitating mobilities for disadvantaged learners

Who Will Benefit? (target groups)

The project is mainly targeted at:

  • VET learners exhibiting mild to moderate learning difficulties that lead to low achievement
  • VET learners belonging to socioeconomically disadvantaged groups, including minorities and migrants
  • VET learners in remote and rural areas
  • Organizations looking to organize mobilities for the above learners
  • Educators working with the above learners