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What is the GAME IT project?

GAME IT is a progressive initiative in support of VET learners in the tourism and hospitality sector.

GAME IT stands for “Gamified interactive training to prepare disadvantaged learners for international VET mobility in the tourism and hospitality sector”. It is a joint initiative of six partners that represent four European countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Slovenia. These partner organizations have diversity of profiles, specialization and expertise but are united by their interests into international mobilities and making them more inclusive.

GAME IT is co-funded by the European Union ERASMUS+ program, within KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


The project overall objective is to promote the participation of disadvantaged tourism and hospitality VET learners in learning mobility and training placements abroad and to enhance their capacity to benefit from the experience, specifically by facilitating their effective training and preparation prior to the mobility


This project seeks to introduce game elements into the mobility preparation training experience.

Gamification refers to the integration of game elements and mechanics in e-learning. Gamified learning has a number of advantages that can make a difference with any learner, but especially so with disadvantaged learners.


The project is a joint initiative of a VET provider, an organization active in mobility, 2 public authorities responsible for education, a technical university and an institute specialized in working with disadvantaged and disabled persons.

These six partners represent four European countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Slovenia.

Long term Impacts

  • improved international competencies and employability of disadvantaged learners
  • increased internationalization of VET
  • increased willingness of VET educators to use gamification in the learning process

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