GAME IT course is testing

The Evening VET School of Platanias (Crete, Greece) an associated partner of the GAME IT project. tested the courses of the GAME IT project (Module1. Preparation for travelling and intercultural communication) as part of their preparation for their own approved KA1 project in Tourism and Health.

Final Conference in Chania, Greece

The GAME IT Final Conference – Greece took place at Chania on 18 November 2022. The Conference was organized by the Directorate of Secondary Education of Chania (DSEC) and the Technical University of Crete and it was hosted at the Cultural Centre of Chania. Teachers, school directors, and educators from the Regional Unit of Chania attended the Conference and also VET students from 3 VET Schools the 1st VET School of Chania, the VET School of Kandanos, and the Evening VET School of Platanias. The associated schools will also organize three more dissemination events, to pilot some of the learning activities included in the GAME IT courses.

Final Conferences under the GAME IT project are coming

Get ready for our GAME IT Final Conferences:

18.11 – Chania, Greece;

25.11 – Mugla Turkey

28.11 – Slovenia

Contact our local partners for ensuring your participation.

Final Conference in Dobrich, Bulgaria

November 4th was very special for the GAME IT team. On that day, in Dobrich, we held a Final Conference event for Bulgaria.

We were so happy to see that more than 40 people, mainly young people, are interested to participate in mobilities and in using the Outputs of our project. We were also very impressed by the young people’s curiosity and activity and the dedication of Bulgarian VET teachers. On our behalf, we undertake the task of cooperating with and supporting them through the way of enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Transfer Workshop in Dobrich, Bulgaria

Starting today, we are presenting our  GAME IT intellectual outputs to educators, VET organizations, and public bodies. In the next 4 days, we will transfer and discuss our outputs with the people that will use them in their real practice. The focus today is on our curriculum and the structure of training.

GAME IT project presented in Greece

Presentation of the GAME IT project at the Students’ Digital Creativity Festival that took place at the Cultural Centre of Chania on the 12th and 13th of May 2022. DSEC GAME IT team discussed with students and teachers the opportunities for international learning offered by the Erasmus+ program and the need for preparation of the students for taking part in learning mobility abroad. Also presented the aims and outputs of the GAME IT project.

First in-person meeting of the team

Our first in-person meeting in Chania is very fruitful. After discussing the training contents and its assessment, we reviewed the Coursevo platform and the GAME IT space within it. We then turned to planning the Educator’s toolkit.

Shooting GAME IT video with Erasmus+ mobility students

These young people took the Erasmus+ mobility challenge and arrived from the Philippines to Bulgaria to stay for 3 months.

They accepted our invitation to become part of our GAME IT project – as an example of how fun and useful mobility is but also as actors in the videos which we shot for the English module that is part of our training materials for mobility preparation.

Thank you, guys!