Gamification Design Workshop in Turkey

MIMEM organized 2 consecutive workshops for identification and design of gamification elements that can be efficiently used in the GAME IT training.

The first event was organized on 24th of May and 20 students and 4 teachers from Bodrum Turgut Reis Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School took part in it. The second event, held on 26th of May attracted 26 students and 4 teachers from Ataturk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.

Gamification Design Workshop in Dobrich, BG

Dobrudja Agrarian and Business school organized an “Gamification Design Workshop”. The event that took place on the 14th of May 2021 in Dobrich and was attended by 16 students from Private High School Profiled in Tourism and Entrepreneurship “Rayko Tsonchev`. The event agenda included 2 panels: (1) presentations regarding the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities, the GAME IT project and the gamification concept and applications and (2) workshop devoted on identification and discussion of popular games and potential game elements that could be integrated into mobility preparation training. The workshop ended with its evaluation by all the participants. 

Online workshop

An online workshop for the Preparation for the equal participation of VET students in learning mobility programs abroad” was organized by the Directorate of Secondary Education of Chania on March 17th 2021. The event was attended by teachers and principals of secondary and post-secondary VET schools including schools with no experience in VET mobilities and five experienced schools (2nd EPAL of Chania, 1st EPAL of Psachna, 5th Evening EPAL of Thessaloniki, DIEK Egaleo and DIEK Glyfada). After the introduction of the GAME IT project, the participants presented the difficulties and problems but also the solutions and the good practices they have adopted when designing and implementing VET mobility programs for Tourism and Hospitality including supporting the students before, during and after mobility. The participants discussed the impact of the mobility programs on the personal and professional development of students that they have witnessed and the importance of facilitating equal access of all students to learning mobility programs contributing in this way to the opening of new professional horizons and practices for them.